Blog 5 – Party planning

I’ve decided to have a 30th birthday party. Well I decided to do it months ago but over these past few weeks I’ve been organising everything. I honestly did not realise how much work goes into the planning. It has taken up so much of my time searching for ideas and bits and bobs on Etsy and Amazon. Did I mention it was Star Wars themed? Yes, its Star Wars fancy dress! I am obsessed with the galaxy far far away. I love the films, old and new. Even the prequels. I love the whole Star Wars universe. My bedroom at home is currently decorated with a Star Wars twist, I do have a death star light shade, and it’s my favourite room in the house.

It stems back from when my dad took me to the cinema to watch The Phantom Menace. I was hooked after the first 10 minutes. I had never seen anything like it before. I immediately became a fan and wanted all things Star Wars. Kids used to laugh at me when I rocked up at school with my Yoda back pack and Queen Amidala file. But I didn’t care. I thought it was so cool and I still do. I was so excited when it was announced that Disney had their hands on it. In my head I knew we would be looking at so many new films and new merchandise. What a time to be alive!

So the party is Star Wars/galaxy themed. I’ve gone to town. Music, balloons, cake and costumes! I’ve decided to dress up as an X Wing Fighter Pilot. This will mean nothing to lots of you. But to me it means I can fulfil my destiny and be a member of the Rebel Alliance, even if it is just for one night! The iconic orange jumpsuit is not the most flattering but if it’s good enough for Luke Skywalker then it is good enough for me. When you read this the invitations will have been sent and all deposits paid so I guess it’s really happening!

I think the DJ thought I was crazy when I told him. ‘Yes of course I’m sure I want the whole soundtrack played.’ I want the Imperial march played as the guests arrive. I promise I have not lost it. I’m just going into my thirties in style. My style. I want it to be a night to remember!

The main reason I wanted a party was to have everyone I loved and cared for in one room. I want to stand up there in front of my family and friends and thank them for the part they have played in my life to get me to this point. With their support and love I have been able to get through the last 6 years without Isaac and I’ve made it to 30 a happy person. I could not have done it without them. In some way they have all had a hand in getting me through it, not once letting me slip. I am so grateful and I want to say it to them. My mum will probably cry. I might cry. But it’s the truth. I could have so easily gone down a different path. But I didn’t I stayed strong (ish) and managed to come out on the other side and I am a much better person for it.

The party is going to be near my old school, which is nice. The club is my old stomping ground; it feels familiar and very fitting to have it there. I can’t wait to decorate it with all the balloons and Star Wars themed items I’ve found. I’m sure I will be running round like a crazy person the week of the party, but it will be worth it even if it’s just for the hot-pot buffet! I will of course be taking lots of pictures and ill make sure to write it all down for the blog. May the force be with me…

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