Blog 6 – 10 things about me… Part 1

I thought I would tell you a little bit more about myself, I hope that’s OK! I am still in my first month of blogging so I feel I am allowed to give you a bit more information about the things I like and the sort of person I am.  I don’t expect people to follow and read my blogs when they know very little about me. I have picked 10 things that I think will help give you a bit more of an insight, plus who doesn’t love a list! Here are the first 5; I found that I had so much to say that I’ve had to split it into 2 posts…

  1. My Conor Maynard crush. Yes this is real guys. I love him. He has a lovely voice, a cute face and a real cheeky side. I also love it when artists also cover other people’s songs and I think he does this really well; I honestly could listen to him all day. He is my real guilty pleasure. My worlds collided when he started to cover Latin songs and sang in Spanish because I really love that type of music, I am patiently waiting for him to cover a Maluma song (If you like Latin/Spanish music and don’t know Maluma go and check him out immediately!). I also think Conor is really funny, he comes across so well on the YouTube videos he is in with his friends and brother; I have re watched them so many times! Hopefully he will bring out a new album soon and will start to release his own original music through his own label. Hurry up Conor!
  2. I have a dog called Simba. He is a 7-year-old Lhasa Apso and he is a cutie. Simba was very kindly given to me when he was 2 years old by a family friend. He is my therapy dog. He came to me not long after losing Isaac and he allowed me to pour some of my stored up motherly feelings into taking care of him. It was a lovely feeling to have something to come home to when my empty house seemed very lonely. We have come a long way since then and he is now my best bud, I can’t imagine my life without him. He steals socks and teddies and loves a tissue, but he is perfect to me. I thoroughly recommend a dog as an addition to any family home!
  3. I am a coffee addict. Caffeine is my true love! It’s a cup of goodness. My favourite is a flat white or a vanilla latte with an extra shot of coffee. I love the taste, the comfort and warmth it brings and the ability to make my saddest situations a little bit better for a few minutes. I have used a coffee cup as one of my coping mechanisms for years now. If I am in a situation where I may potentially feel anxious about the conversation or what is happening the cup of coffee gives me something to focus on. It gives me something to do with my hands; I can look at it and pretend to see how much I have left rather than having to give eye contact at that moment. I can take a drink instead of answering a question straight away giving me time to think about my response and what I really want to say. Pretend spillages are a bit much but if you are desperate to remove yourself you can always have a little spill to get you up and away from what’s happening. I also love being able to go and wash my cup when I feel like I want to end my involvement in the situation. It might seem so silly, but this has worked for me for nearly 6 years now and I have become so comforted by a cup of coffee. It allows me to still be social but also have that ability to take a step back when I need to without coming across as rude!
  4. My relationships with dieting! Yes I am a dieter. I have tried them all and still have not lost any significant weight. I’ve done Slimming World, Weight Watchers, SlimFast and even one called the Military Diet that made me feel ill. I really give them a good go and always have a great first week. But I am not consistent. I sneak in a biscuit here and there and then something happens and I fall off the dieting wagon. Then in my head it’s all “well ill start on Monday now” and Monday comes and goes and so does my willpower. My biggest excuse is my routine. I oversleep so miss breakfast sometimes, then ill not eat until lunch and haven’t had time to make something decent. So I will snack. Then I’m starving when I get home and will eat anything in sight. Does anyone else do this? I have tried all the ‘prep like a boss’ Joe Wicks overnight oats stuff. My intentions are always so good but I just cannot stick to it! I also blame my budget. It’s tight (like my jeans), so I tend to shop for the cheaper products that will fill me. And they are almost always carbs. Bread, pasta and potatoes! BUT, I am absolutely adamant that as soon as Jakki moves in my eating habits will change. I will be shopping and cooking for two and will be able to make much healthier meals with a better budget and more motivation to cook for two. I’ll keep you posted!
  5. I’m a technophobe. I really am and it frustrates people and even myself. I think it’s because I lived without Wi-Fi for so long. I just got used to using the basics and haven’t got used to how other products and programmes work. I am an Android girl through and through. I cannot tolerate Apple products and it’s simply because I don’t know how to use them and I have no desire to try. I have stuck with Samsung phones for years, I know where everything is and all the names make sense to me. I like the familiarity of Windows, although I use a really old version on my laptop as I struggle with finding things on the newer ones. I have a simple Android tablet that is so similar to my phone so I can use it. My smart TV is Samsung and I have just about got to grips with connecting it to the internet for Netflix and other apps. How have I made it this far you say? Well I’m not sure I’ve just muddled through. I am feeling particularly sensitive about the fact I have had to make all my text and icons on my laptop and phone bigger. My eyes are going along with my youth. I didn’t think my glasses could get any thicker but I’m definitely going to have to take a trip to Specsavers soon and have them updated! So I have an old laptop with big icons and I don’t know how to use an iPad, how am I a blogger?

The next 5 will be posted soon…

Thanks for reading.



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