Blog 7 – 10 things about me – part 2

This is part 2 of my previous blog, be sure to read part 1 first so you are up to date! Here is a little bit more about me…

  1. I love Metallica. They are my absolute favourite band! Their music reminds me of when I was younger and fell in love for the first time. He was a boy with a guitar and long hair and he showed me all different types of music I had never really heard before. I was a child of the 90s and was well into my boy bands, I thought no one was better than Boyzone! But I quickly learned that there were different kinds of bands and soon grew to love love love Metallica. James Hetfield’s voice is the soundtrack to my whole 20s. It is iconic. I have seen them live 3 times, twice at Manchester and once at Leeds Festival. They do know how to put on a good show, I caught a plec Kirk Hammett threw into the crowd, it is one of my most treasured possessions. My favourite song is Nothing Else Matters. It has such beautiful lyrics with that metal undertone running through it… give it a listen if you haven’t heard it. I have asked for a few Metallica songs to be played at my birthday party. I’m not sure how they will go down with my guests but I don’t care! I think lots of people will be quite surprised when they hear how eclectic my music taste is.
  2. I am learning to play the keyboard. Well this might be a bit of an overstatement. By learning I mean I have acquired a keyboard and it is propped up in my dining room with only a little bit of dust on it! My excuse is that I am waiting for Jakki to move in and bring her keyboard so we can sit at the dining table with our coffees and learn how to play the Titanic theme tune. I have visions of us playing for friends at parties etc… Who wouldn’t want us? I used to play a lot when I was younger; I had a posh Yamaha keyboard and it had all the bells and whistles. But I never continued with it and I so wish I had. So when I turn 30 I am going to throw myself into learning this new skill. Don’t laugh! I will let you know how we get on…
  3. I am going to be a bridesmaid. Ahh just typing this makes me smile. One of my oldest friends has asked me to be her bridesmaid! I am very excited about this. I was so shocked when she asked me. I’m not the sort of girl who gets very dressed up, I’m always just in my jeans t-shirt and Vans. But I’m going to be proper dolled up for this wedding. I have a beautiful dress and I am going to be getting my hair and makeup done. I’ve never had my makeup done professionally before so I am really looking forward to seeing how this would look. I have pale skin and freckles and I’m hoping that they can work wonders and make me look like a princess. The wedding is in February so I have time to shed a few more pounds for the big day too!
  4. Me and Winnie the Pooh. What can I say about this silly old bear… He warms my heart. Winnie the Pooh and his friends are my connection to my Son, Isaac. When I was pregnant, and preparing the nursery, I bought Isaac a Winnie the Pooh cot. It was pine and had a Pooh bear eating out of a hunny pot engraved on it. I got this same engraving on the headstone at his grave. I saw it as this is where he would have slept, so I want it to be on where he is sleeping now. Whenever I see anything with Winnie the Pooh on it I think of him and I tend to always buy it. My house is full of different sized Pooh bears and I love it. It makes me feel that a part of Isaac is here at home with me. Over the years my friends and family have bought me so many different special keepsakes all with a Pooh theme. I’m so grateful that I have this to hold on to and use when I may be having a down day. I get one of my bears and cuddle it on the bed for a while. It gives me comfort and a fuzzy warm feeling inside… I think it’s called love.
  5. I LOVE CHRISTMAS! “Snow is falling…” yes I am singing as I type this. I bloody love Christmas. I love everything about it; the cold weather, the decorations, festive songs, wrapping presents and putting on weight from all the festive food! I work in a school and it is always the best time of year, the build up is more fun than the actual day I find. We have so many fun activities planned in school and the excitement in the pupils faces stays with me well through to the new year. I have a few traditions with my family and friends and I really enjoy preparing for these. Decorating the Christmas tree is one of my all time favourites! Jakki and I spend the evening drinking brews in Christmas cups, eating hot-pot and watching a Christmas film whist putting on the 10 million baubles is have. I think I have too many! This year is going to be even better because I will have my best friend living with me and won’t be waking up alone on Christmas day. I am also super excited to be involved with Blogmas! I am a massive fan of Vlogmas and watch so many YouTuber’s festive Vlogs, I can’t wait to create my own Christmassy theme, and blog every day during December, be sure to keep a look out for those! I have already made plans and wrote a list (I love lists) of what content I want to include. I also want to show other bereaved mothers like myself that you can still have fun at that time of year and of course include your child in everything you do. I have my own ways of including Isaac… I will tell you more about that nearer the time!

I hope you have enjoyed learning a little bit more about me, I found this so fun to write!

Thanks for reading.



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