I survived

Today is World Mental Health Day. This is such an important day for everyone as we ALL have our own mental health to think about. The amazing Lavrax has come up with a genius idea, and of course I wanted to take part… let’s celebrate all of the things that we have survived and achieved that may have brought the strongest of people down.  I have struggled with my grief or 6 years now and I work extremely hard to keep my mental health in check and have a positive outlook on life. Today I am proud to say I have survived though some awful shit. And I have honestly never felt stronger!

I survived my son being stillborn

I survived thinking I would never laugh again

I survived the guilt of actually feeling happy

I survived feeling alone

I survived the love of my life leaving me

I survived the death of a very special friend

I survived losing relationships with family members

I survived the anxiety of taking my first steps into a brand new career

Wow I feel awesome. There is something about seeing all you have achieved in writing. I survived all of these life changing things and I think that’s pretty amazing. I will try to remember all of this whenever I am feeling down or struggling to get to grips with life.

Please talk to someone if you are struggling with anything at all. The worst thing we can do is keep things to ourselves. I work in a school and I spend most of my day trying to encourage children and young people to talk about their feelings and share their life experiences. Life was made to be shared! So go and talk to your family or friends, I find I can be most honest to complete strangers!

Is there anyone reading this prepared to open up and share what they have survived?

Thank you Lavrax for encouraging me to talk about the things I have survived. I feel like Wonder Woman right now!

Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “I survived

  1. You are an absolute wonderwoman! I am so happy to see you overcome all of these things. Just a reminder that you got through all of those moments, and you are capable of so much more. You are so strong. Thank you for opening up. Your strength inspires me! So so much love! Lavrax xxx


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