Blog 16 – Own A Moment

This Baby Loss Awareness Week has been extra special for me, as I have become the proud owner of my very own moment in time.


Own A Moment have given me the gift of time. I own the moment when my son, Isaac, was born. 8.02 pm on 26th January 2013. This time and date is super special as Isaac was sadly stillborn. This particular moment in time is one I will never forget. No one will have gone through what I did on that day at that time. The bond between me and my son was made even stronger on this day and it was the closest me and him had ever been or will be again.


To own this moment means the world to a mummy like me. I don’t have all the firsts that other mothers have, like first steps, first words, first teeth. So I cherish the smaller things, like the first time I saw my son and touched his skin and gave him his first kiss. Owning this moment means no one can take that day away from us. It is stored at the Official Time Registry and is available for anyone to view globally, but the most important part for me is that it will be there forever.


Time is endless and so is my love for my son.

The certificate is absolutely beautiful and I am looking for a frame that is special enough to hold it. I am going to display it proudly in my home –  Isaac’s home.

If anyone is interested in owning their own special moment, check out the Own A Moment website. It is extremely easy to use and allows you to personalise your certificate and add your own picture in. Use my promo code followkim to receive 70% off until the end of the year. This includes emailed and printed certificates! It would be the perfect gift for anyone who is getting married, having a baby or any other life changing moment. I will be buying these for my other mummy friends for Christmas!

Thanks for reading.



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