Blog 17 – Wave Of Light

Today marks the end of Baby Loss Awareness Week! I have been truly overwhelmed by all the support I’ve received from my fellow bloggers and people on social media! Thank you for all your kind words and messages, it makes me so happy to have got people who have never really heard about baby loss awareness, talking about it and researching it themselves. I hope I have managed to influence just one person to go out and support someone who may have had to say goodbye to their baby.

Tonight the Steve Prescott Bridge in my town has been lit pink and blue to support Baby Loss Awareness Week and the Wave Of Light. It makes me feel as if I have the support of the whole town tonight so thank you St Helens!

Baby Loss Awareness Week ends with the global Wave Of Light. This is the most beautiful event I have ever been part of. Bereaved mothers and families, friends and loved ones, light a candle at 7pm across all time zones and keep it lit for one hour. This means that there is a continuous light shining all day and night… the light of our babies that we will never let die!

I absolutely love taking part in this. It is something I take very seriously and will always try my best to make sure I can light a candle for Isaac and his friends. Thank you to everyone who has lit a candle in memory of Isaac.

Mummy loves you baby boy.

Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Blog 17 – Wave Of Light

  1. So happy that I could light a candle last night. You really opened my eyes to this, and I am so happy that you did. I will continue to support this cause for years to come, and I hope that I can pass on this inspiration to others as much as you inspired me. Lots of love xxx


    1. That is wonderful to hear. Thank you so much for the support hunni. I hope with all my heart you never have to know anyone who goes through this but I’d like to think that if you did you would be more aware of how they might be feeling and you can support them better. Lots of love πŸ’œ xxx


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