Blog 20 – My 30th Birthday

So I’ve turned 30. Yes it’s happened. I have a few grey hairs and I’ve bought my first anti wrinkle night cream. And I think I’m OK with it you know.

I woke up on THE day and felt quite happy. I was in my lovely bedroom in my house with my new galaxy pjs on that I’m obsessed with. I had my best friend in the room next to me and I could hear my little dog waking up downstairs. And it wasn’t bad at all. It was all the same. No drastic changes. No sudden crows feet wrinkles. The only difference was my outlook… I am going to look at this as a milestone that I have achieved. After all that I’ve been through, I have come out the other side and I’ve done it with a smile on my face.

I wanted to remember this moment and look back on it so I took my first selfie as a 30 year woman. Here it is…


I spent the morning drinking coffee and opening cards and presents with my best friend. We listened to the Lord Of The Rings soundtrack and sat in my room messing about with my gifts. My inner nerd was absolutely delighted when I received ‘The one ring’ and the Evenstar necklace. I can pretend I am Arwen now as much as I want to…Β  oh where are you Aragorn?

I had lots of visitors throughout the day. It was exactly what I wanted. An open house for everyone to come and spend some time with me and have a brew and a cupcake.


The best cupcakes in the galaxy.

I still had the house decorated with all the balloons left over from the party so my living room looked pretty cool… I may have a Stormtrooper in my bedroom too. There was no room for him downstairs!


All of the balloons came home with me. This Darth Vader one is my favourite!

By the night-time I was tired. Of course I was. I’m 30 now and can’t hack it any more. But I still had a few gins and a curry with my Mum. We had a chilled night watching Strictly Come Dancing, (GO JOE!) and I did a bit of online shopping with my Amazon vouchers. hello Prime, hello Alexa. My life has completely changed in a weekend and it’s great!

I didn’t want the day to end. So I continued the birthday celebrations on to the next day and did a bit more shopping and ate a bit more cake. I got some of the Zoella Cosmos Christmas range. It is so pretty and smells amazing!


Cosmos. It smells like peppermint and vanilla… its dreamy!

It really has been a whirl wind 2 weeks. The building up to the party was a little stressful as I just wanted everything to be perfect. Then the party happened and left me on a high for the rest of the week. Then the big day came and was brilliant and now it’s all over.

I’ve been left with a sense of excitement for the future. I’ve had a lovely childhood, a rocky middle bit and now I’m ready for this next chapter to be the best.

I am 30. It feels wonderful!

Thanks for reading.




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