Blog 21 – 30 goals for 30

I’ve decided to set myself 30 goals for the next decade. I’m going to revisit them every year to see how many I’ve managed to accomplish. Has anyone else done this and managed to stick with them? Well it’s in writing and it’s out there in the universe now so I HAVE to try to achieve them. You are all my witnesses!

1. Go to Disneyland. I’m just waiting patiently for the Star Wars bit to be built and then I’m there!

2. Learn the keyboard up to the point that I can play for others and they understand what the song is. I’ve sort of got a bit lost with this one. Think Ross from Friends when he plays the bagpipes.

3. Watch Pretty Little Liars. Apparently I’m going to love it. But the sheer amount of episodes is putting me off. I’ve not got time at the minute to invest in something that’s so long. But hopefully in the next 10 years I’ll find some.

4. Eat prawns and like them. At the minute I can only eat the next size up from the teeny tiny ones. Its taken me 30 years though to be able to swallow them so I’m thinking this one is going to be hard!

5. Complete a colour run. They look absolutely amazing and are for a very good cause so I just have to do one in my lifetime!

6. Watch Phantom Of The Opera at the theatre. It’s a dream of mine this one. I love the film and the music. I just have to see that chandelier for myself!

7. Go to Port Isaac. I need to go here. It’s like it’s calling me home. If anyone is up for a road trip let me know…

8. Try and watch a scary film without hiding behind a pillow. Seriously guys I can’t do this. I don’t last 5 minutes!

9. Read all 30 books from my ‘To read’ list… I’ll share these with you in another post.

10. Go on a holiday on my own. I’m desperate to have that feeling of adventure and the unknown. I want some quiet time, alone, so I can really hear my Son.

11. Go to a big Comic Con. In full character!

12. Kiss a Darth Vader. Yes this is real. I love him.

13. Go to a fancy dress party with my bestie as Eddie and Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous. we can SO pull this off. I am short and chubby and Jakki is tall and slim.

14. Visit Brighton. It just looks cool! And Zoella is there… She is goals.

15. Get a new Ipod. I’m holding on to my trusty Nano for dear life. It’s amazing what a bit of sticky tape can do.

16. Try to drink tea. At the minute I can’t even cope with the smell. But I’m going to try a sip every year.

17. Watch my Netflix list. It’s getting longer every week.

18. Go to the Harry Potter Studio. I don’t think I will be able to leave. I want to look at absolutely everything and buy one of each item from the shop!

19. Learn more about our galaxy and space. It just fascinates me.

20. Get a new tattoo. Or a few.

21. Get my nose pierced. I’m thinking a tiny little stud would look very cute.

22. Upgrade my laptop. It’s ancient. But I love it. It’s Windows 7. Yes really. It has got me through some difficult times but she is getting on a bit now and only works when she is plugged in.

23. Host a Forget Me Not party for my Son Isaac. Probably when he turns 10.

24. Spend New Year in London. Those fireworks guys!

25. Watch Conor Maynard somewhere somehow. He is my guilty pleasure.

26. Go to a Formula 1 race. I want to be in the pit lane! I have loved F1 for years and I would love to go to Silverstone.

27. See Maluma in concert. Jakki please please please.

28. Get a nice fancy camera.

29. Smile everyday. It’s a simple one this. But an important one.

30. Keep blogging! And possibly try a Vlog. I love writing and sharing my life and thoughts with others. It feels so good to be so open and free.

Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading.



6 thoughts on “Blog 21 – 30 goals for 30

  1. Great post! I love lists like this! I’ve made one before but it was so unrealistic I gave up even looking at it. Yours is TOTALLY doable though. I love Disneyland and hoping to go again next year for Legends of the Force. Going to a Formula 1 Grand Prix is definitely on my bucket list too! I’d love to go to Bahrain! I also have my nose pierced and I love it. Prawns and tea are two of my favourite things so I hope you can manage those. What is it about prawns that you struggle with? Have you tried having them with something else, with flavours on or in a sandwich or something like that?


    1. Thank you! I have tried to put realistic things in it rather than the big life stuff like marriage and family and dream home ha! I think it’s the texture of the prawns that I can’t cope with rather than the taste. I bite them and have to chew them really quickly…I dont think I could even bite into a prawn sandwich at this stage. But hopefully one day I will! PRAWN GOALS!!


  2. This is such a great list Kim! Brighton is such an awesome place, you gotta visit, it is always such an enjoyable trip. Yay for Disney! I’ve seen photos of a colour run and it does look really fun and such a great cause too! I love that you included simple things like smiling each day, the little things can really make a big difference. Thanks for sharing your goals and good luck!! ❀ xx

    Bexa |

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