Blog 23 – Christmas/NYE/Life update…

Hey guys! It has been too long! I’ve practically missed the whole of December… this post is just a little update about where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing!

Firstly I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones! I can’t believe it’s all over. I finished work on the 20th and honestly I’ve never felt as tired at the end of a term. The build up to Christmas in a school is a killer… I was getting into bed before 8 and struggling to get up in a morning to do another day! So it’s safe to say I’ve been spending the holiday’s trying, where possible, to catch up on some sleep. I had absolutely no motivation to speak to anyone never mind write anything. So I have just kept myself to myself and had a really chilled, but totally festive, time with my Mum.

In November we had a family bereavement. It changed all the plans and our outlook for Christmas. So me and Mum have spent it together, eating, drinking and doing things that make us smile. It has been lovely and we have spent some much needed time to get our heads around everything. This has meant that the blog and my December plans for it took a complete back seat and I’m OK with that. Life happens. I have been able to have a think and write some ideas down for the new year. A fresh start!

Isaac has not been far away from my thoughts either. I find Christmas eve particularly difficult, but I got through it and have come out the other side. This year I had the help of Queen to sing to! Me and Mum watched Bohemian Rhapsody at the cinema and we could not get enough. Radio Ga Ga is my new anthem. So on Christmas eve we sat down and watched them play live at Wembley. It was a masterclass of a performance and I’ve spent so much time thinking about how little I knew about the band. Google here I come. I hope that Christmas was gentle for all my mummy friends. I am so so proud of myself when I’ve managed to wade through another year and still have a smile. You should all be proud too.

Me and my bestie are still living together, she has not killed me yet for my snoring. It’s going great and I’ve had so much support over these difficult months! We are a little team and I just love it.

I’ve not watched anything in particular. I’ve just tried to catch up with some of my favourites like Riverdale and Power. But I’ve also started re-watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I bloody love that show! I’ve also not made any progress with my reading list. I’m rubbish I know. My head has just not been in it. I’m totally ready for the ‘new year new me’ mindset to kick in and all my bad habits (playing PokΓ©mon Go at all hours and eating far too much cheese) will disappear along with the pounds I’ve put on. I’ll let you know how that goes!

I have also rekindled a relationship with someone special. I’m going to keep that part of my life quite private. But I am very happy he is back in my life and hopefully it will be for keeps!

I got some amazing Christmas gifts and I am currently writing this from my bed which has all new bedding and blankets. Is there anything better? I have booked to go to the Harry Potter studios in March. I’ve never looked forward to anything more. I’ve also been dealing with even more grey hair and trying to sort out my growing facial hair problem. I’ve tried Dermaplaining and it was fantastic. Does anyone have any recommendations to keep it at bay between treatments?

I think that’s everything for now folks. I have major plans for my blog for January and I cant wait to reconnect with all the lovely people I’ve met since I’ve started writing.

For now I hope you have a brilliant New Year. I will be spending it with my special someone and family and friends. Let me know your NYE plans. I’ll be in my favourite bar in my local town and I can’t wait!

Lots of love.



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